“We knew this was the only chance to get our campaign back on truck” Mandy Juruni on the Silverbacks’ win over Rwanda

Stanley Ocitti takes on Rwanda

By: Nacho Black Armo

Uganda national basketball team showed no mercy to their neighbors Rwanda in their last first round FIBA World Cup 2019 qualifying game in Mali.

The Silverbacks who earlier lost to Nigeria and Mali consecutively had to redeem their tournament against Rwanda a tusk they executed perfectly with a 79-63 win in a game Robinson Odoch rated the best performer with 20 points, 6 rebounds, 2 assists and one steal.

Speaking after this tremrndous result, coach Mandy Juruni had this to say,

“We knew this was the only chance we had to get our campaign back on truck we had to beat Rwanda , we were very close to winning Mali yesterday, it was disappointing but definitely we didn’t have to time to dwell on that so the boys were very focused, they followed the game plan, the effort was right and we are happy for the win.

Apart from effort and energy on court, we also had belief that we can beat Rwanda, i thought we played a lot better on both ends of the floor almost through out the entire game, we made good shots , created good shots, made very big stops and when you control the game early that just kept us going without pressure.

About the whole experience and whats next ,

“I thought we played well, we played at a high level, played well against Nigeria, we played well yesterday against Mali came very close only last shot decided a game and obviously against Rwanda a big performance so we are not disappointed that ewe didn’t have a good campaign, overall i would say its good it puts us in good position to be number 2 but we have work a head of us.

We definitely have to improve the team, we had lots of players that could come in but obviously they couldn’t because of various reasons in America and some where else. For us to be successful in the next campaign we have to improve the team and prepare better” Silverbacks’ head coach Mandy Juruni.

Uganda will return home happy placed 2nd on the table as they wait for the round of qualifiers in June.

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