Villa electoral committee to consider replacing Shaun Mubiru on Mbidde’s request

The registration exercise will be closed on the 25th of August and Polling day will be on the 28th of August this year.

David GOMBE 

SC Villa Electoral Committee has responded to Presidential candidate Denis Mbidde’s formal complaints including a petition that club CEO Shaun Mubiru’s independence as a member of the committee is impeded .

Mubiru currently serves as the Club CEO and at the same time a member of the VEC which Mbidde thinks is in contravention to transparency.

Through his representatives, Mbidde made six major points to be looked into which include Mr.Shawn Mubiru and requested that he should be replaced by another independent individual.

VEC responded that they will only consider replacing Mubiru from the electoral process if team Mbidde can put their complaint in writing with supporting evidence.

Candidate Mbidde also asked the commission to extend registration deadline because the registration system was faulty from Monday this week until yesterday 19th August.

VEC stated that there will be no extension due to the amount of work needed to cross check and confirm details of voters.

On the complaint about out sourcing the voting process especially on voting date, VEC stated that it has the capacity to conduct the process itself.

Another concern was about voter education in a bid to create awareness about voting methods available to the registered members. VEC replied that it will intensify voter awareness especially about the voting methods through the club digital channels and flyers.

It was also Mbidde’s suggestion that regional voting be considered where members would participate according to the regions from which they hail.

This would help minimize time and cost and also bring the service closer to the up country voters should be discouraged by the journey to Villa park.

VEC advised that the voting process will to be done in two ways which are in presence at Villa Park or online as earlier advised.

VEC accepted Mbidde’s proposal of closing campaigning a bit early and all campaigns shall stop on 25th August at 11:59Pm. Therefore no candidate shall publish or post new messages after this deadline.

Members of the Villa members trust will head into the polls on 28th August to elect a new leadership.

Dennis Mbidde Ssebugwaawo and Hon. Medard Lubega Ssegona are two candidates eyeing to lead Uganda’s most successful football club back to glory.


Chairman: Robert Kigundu
Member : Isaac Walukagga
Member: Ssekidde Kavuma
Member: Shaun Mubiru
FEC: Joram Katende

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