VILLA ELECTIONS: Mbidde launches manifesto, vows to restore Villa greatness

Mbidde has vowed to step down if Villa fail to play in the CAF Champions league in the first 4 years


Denis Mbidde has this evening officially made a formal declaration of what he intends to do when voted into office as president of Uganda’s greatest football club SC Villa.

The function was graced by many former Villa players and legends, families of the founding members of the club and members of his executive team. Notable ones include Majid Musis’s mother, Hakim Magumba among others.

He revealed that he was motivated by current FUFA president Eng. Moses Magogo and the club’s historical leaders to stand for the post.

Some of the key highlights in his manifesto is taking Villa back to African football supremacy and promised that SC Villa will play in the finals of CAF Champions  league within the first four yours of his tenure.

Villa last reached this feat between 1990 and 1994 under the leadership of the late Patrick Kawooya (R.I.P) , to that matter, Mbidde has brought on board one of Kawooya’s sons as a member of his Executive.

He has also promised to create a sustainable source of income for the club to eliminate the vice of “Richman syndrome ” where the club relies on the pockets of one individual.

Discipline amongst the Villa family will be tantamount. Mbidde has vowed to fight the vice of vulgarity especially on match days in a bid to attract parents who would love to carry their families on match day.

Registered Villa fans will get to the ballot on the 28th of August this year and vote between Denis Mbidde and Medard Segona whom to take the club ahead.

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