Villa EC to go ahead and announce winner of polled votes


This afternoon, the chairman VEC Mr Robert Kiggundu announced that due to a court order served to him calling for a suspension of the electoral process, he was implored to put the polling on halt in adherence to the injunction.

However, Members of the Villa Trust and the registered voters had began voting on 27th August 2021.

The chairman stated that he was compelled to close the gates to the physical polling station Speke Hotel and suspend the activity. Despite the voting being done manually, it was in fact done via an online portal not tangible ballots.

He further stressed that the online voting would not immediately be stopped because it was programmed to stop accepting commands at exactly 15:00hrs on the 28th of August.

On the 27th of August 2021, Miss Nambalirwa Brenda Kawuma petitioned court to stop the election on terms that the process is palpable to malpractices and not free and fair.

Last week, candidate Mbidde appealed to the electoral commission to remove Mr. Shawn Mubiru, the acting SC Villa CEO from the committee and his wish was granted on the 26th of August.

He also asked the committee to organise multiple polling centres in different regions of the country which the committee deemed unnecessary to adhere to, perhaps to logistical difficulties.

Candidate Mbidde also appealed to the committee to extend the deadline for the registration exercise due to the incumbrances brought about by network issues. The committee resolved to extend the registration from 25th to 26th August 2021.

By the time Mr Kiggundu suspended the election, over 68% of the voters had entered their choice and to that note, the EC is compelled to announce their voice on whom they desire their president should be.

Swift Sports understands that within the next two hours, the commission will announce the results from the polled percentage of votes and these will be published on the club website and official media platforms.

It is also understood that official results and how each VMT voted for their candidate of choice for transparency and integrity purposes.

By press time, the Registered trustees of Villa had convened a meeting to determine a way forward and this website will be there to update you.

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