Uganda Golf Union returns to NCS fold after six years


The Uganda Golf Union (UGU) has returned to the National Council of Sports fold after six years since their deregistration as a national association.

UGU President Innocent Kihika received the association’s certificate of registration at the National Council of Sports (NCS) offices, Lugogo on Thursday.

Just like all other sports federations, Golf was required to register again after the 2014 regulations were passed to operationalize the 1964 NCS Act.

This brings the number of member NCS associations to 51.

NCS General Secretary Dr. Benard Ogwel, a member of Lira Golf Club, urged UGU to use their networks for the development of sports and reminded Kihika to follow government systems.

” We want you to use your broad network and expertise among senior citizens to support the development of sports.”

” The reporting mechanism is very clear and also planning cycle is known so when you need support, these must be adhered to.” Stated Ogwel.

UGU president Kihika expressed his delight upon the recognition.

“I am delighted on behalf of all golfers to receive this recognition. After regulations were passed, we had a lot to undo and that has taken us time but now we are back.” Kihika asserted.

The other NCS Member associations

• Uganda Volleyball Federation (UVF)
• Uganda Badminton Association (UBA)
• Uganda Cricket Association (UCA)
• Federation of Motor Sports Associations of Uganda (FMU)
• Federation of Uganda Football Associations (FUFA)
• Uganda Boxing Federation (UBF)
• Federation of Uganda Basketball Associations (FUBA)
• Uganda Rugby Union (URU)
• Gymnastics Association of Uganda (GAU)
• Uganda Floorball Association (UFA)
• Uganda Zurkhaneh Federation (UZF)
• VX Uganda
• Uganda Roll Ball Association (URA)
• Uganda Skating Federation (USF)
• Uganda Lacrosse Union (ULU)
• Uganda Ludo Association (ULA)
• Uganda Draughts Association (UDA)
• Association of Uganda University Sports (AUUS)
Uganda Baseball & • Softball Association (UBSA)
• Uganda Woodball Federation (UWF)
• Uganda Paralympic Committee (UPC)
• Scrabble Association of Uganda (SAU)
• Uganda Squash Rackets Association (USRA)
• Uganda Taekwondo Federation (UTF)
• Uganda Table Tennis Association (UTTA)
• Uganda Archery Federation (UAF)
• Uganda Swimming Federation (USF)
• Uganda Cycling Association (UCA)
• Uganda Tennis Association (UTA)
• Uganda Kick Boxing Federation (UKBF)
• Pool Association of Uganda (PAU)
• Uganda Netball Federation (UNF)
• Uganda Darts Association (UDA)
• Uganda Hockey Association (UHA)
• Uganda Athletics Federation (UAF)
• Uganda Chess Federation (UCF)
• Uganda Handball Federation (UHF)
• Uganda Rowing Federation (URF)
• Uganda Judo Association (UJA)
• Uganda Wrestling Federation (UWF)

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