UCU Lady Canons conquers JKL Lady Dolphins to make it to this year’s NBL Women’s final

By: Nacho Black Armo

JKL Lady Dolphins posed threat to defending champions having won game 2, 70-62 though UCU had earlier won game 1, 72-52.

JKL held the tie 1:1 in game 2, however UCU went on to win game 3, 59-56 hence seeking one more win to make it to the final while JKL sought to win both games if they were to make it the final.

The defending champions started with dominating the first quarter with an 8 point lead, 17-9.

Dolphins did not sit back in their plea to seek game 5 as they closed the gap and went with a point lead into the 3rd quarter ending the 2nd quarter 33-32.

UCU led the last 2 quarters 49-39 and 64-74 respectively earning their place in the final where they will face KCCA Leopards.

Vilma Achieng and Ritah Imanishimwe scored 36 points all together with Vilma scoring 20 and Ritah scoring 16. JKL Lady Dolphins’ Salma scored 18 points while Flavia Oketcho scored 16 but they couldn’t stop the defending champions.

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