Titus Tugume hits a triple jackpot of medals at the WKU PANAM games in San Antonio

Courtesy photo

By: Nacho Black Armo

Ugandan Kickboxer Titus Tugume claimed a double of gold and a silver in the ongoing World Kickboxing and Karate Union(WKU) PANANERICAN games.

The active soldier won both gold with a clean knockout while his silver came with better points fighting in s kick light contact style.

Tugume who was promoted in the force around 2016 from Corporal to Sergeant due to his devotion in the game and representing the army positively said,

“I feel so great for challenging my opponents from USA,Columbia,Canada and Coster-Rica” said Titus.

God is great and with God everything is
possible because the training I did was very
hard and painful and am going to train more
harder so that I can become an expert in
these styles,“ he added.

The first edition of the WKU PANAM games was held in Guatemala, Guatemala City in 2017 and was received positively hence making a nation to nation tour hosting every edition in different country or city each year.

The PANAM games have all the WKU tatami
official divisions that run at the World
Championships. As an incentive to attend and
grow the games, WKU has granted that every
single winner of the WKU official divisions could earn their spot for the World Championships in that division.

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