THE TALE OF YUSUF BABU: The Bombers’ captain at the Africa Boxing Championships

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By: Nacho Black Armo 

At the time Idi Amini Dada fell out with the Indian traders and other Asian minorities in Uganda 1972, sending many home, leaving their businesses and Investments behind, something else was left behind, a mother of a man who would later turn into a national hero to raise the Flag of the very Nation that had expelled his grand pa ( Father to his Mother).

Yusuf Babu is a Ugandan boxer with almost three blood lines with in him.
Born 3rd -September-1997 among 17 children to an Arab father the late Abdhulhafiz Babu ( R. I.P), Babu is the first and only son to Babu Shamim.

Babu in action ( courtesy photo) 

Yusuf spent most of his time with the mother, Babu Shamim, he only knew his father when he was in Primary 3. He started his boxing at such a tender age at Kyebando ,Nansana where his mother stayed, a group of young lads inspired him to begin training deep in the hills of Kabulengwa . The young ambitious man used to pay 500 Ugandan Shillings daily to train.

Yusuf Babu considered serious boxing after his S.4 at Excel College Kawala, at this time he had clearly chosen boxing for a career. Training at Cobap boxing Academy and Kyebando Youth boxing Club, it wasn’t too long before Babu was called for the Bombers.

Just fighting and bringing down the boxers in my division “

Babu told Swift when asked on the way he got a call up to for the National side and also Captaining the side that went on to represent Uganda in Congo Brazzaville.

The Orthodox fighter had a record of 34 amateur fights with 11 knock outs and only 3 losses. Boudia Azzouz of Algeria, Mubazi Keneth of Lubya boxing club, Abdurashid from Tanzania are some of the notable fighters that have fallen prey to the Amir Khan’s look alike boxer.

Initially fighting in Welterweight division,Yusuf has advanced in weight and currently fighting in Middleweight division.
His eyes for now will be set for the National Boxing league that will start in August.

“Semata Rodgers and Manny Pacquiao are the boxers i look up to and they inspire me alot.” Babu said.

” He didn’t plan his career well and had a bad end with jail and rampant criminal records”

Yusuf Babu answered after Swift asked him why its not Mike Tyson he looks up to.

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