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Sports Fan magazine contributes to “Save Ausi Kaaya” campaign


Sports Fan magazine contributes to “Save Ausi Kaaya” campaign

Sports fan magazine CEO Saddam Senoga (2nd left)  and crew at the launch of the partnership with the save Ausi Kaaya campaign

By: Editor

As the saying goes a friend in need is a friend indeed, the sports fan Magazine (a local sports magazine) has for the second time come out to support the save Ausi Kaaya campaign. The magazine that contributed financially during Ausi Kaaya fundraising evening tea that was held at hotel Barbados last month, has today come with a new offer.

In the press conference held at Land star hotel in Makindye, the head  of operations the sports fan Magazine accompanied by the staff offered 2000 copies that will be sold off with the proceedings from the sales going in the save Kaaya’s treasury.

KCCA FC super fan Khassim Kyazze displays a copy of the sports fan magazine

Harold Luswata the marketing manager of the magazine said, they did it as a humanitarian call.

Speaking in the press conference Ausi Kaaya, thanked all who have come out to help him.

Mathius Lukwago a man who is singlehandedly contributing to the day to the survival of Kaaya said more assistance is need.

The former cranes star Ausi Kaaya has been bed ridden for more than 1.5years

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