SKATING: Federation outlines new policies and regulations


The Uganda Skating Federation and the Federation of Uganda Roll Ball Association have introduced new policies that will govern skating activities in the country.

Moses Dungu the President Uganda Skating Federation has called upon all the coaches and skaters to register with the two Federations and is confident the new policies will be good for the game.

We have set up new policies which we believe will be great to the game as well as protecting the skaters from street skating. Many skaters have lost their lives on the roads due to lack of proper guidelines and now we call upon all the coaches and skaters to register with the Uganda Skating Federation and the Federation of Uganda Roll Ball Association.

We have to work and stand together for the good of the game.”

FURA President Bamuteeze Thomas called upon the Ugandan Police to support them towards fighting the street skating which has claimed many lives.

“We are calling upon the Uganda Police to support us in fighting the street skating that has claimed many lives which has affected the growth of skating sport in the country.

We request Police to arrest anyone found skating on the streets without notifying the Federation and Police in advance. We thank National Council for Sports and Police for the support.” He stated.

On behalf of National Council for Sports, head of corporate affairs Is mail Dhakaba applauded the move taken by both Federations as regards the development of the sport.

“In many cases when these young boys go on the streets a lot of accidents occur which hinder the development of the game. I believe the move taken by both Federations is great as we prepare for Olympic games in Tokyo next year.”

The new policies introduced

•Any skating event function or advertisement drive to take place should have a written clearance from Uganda Skating Federation first
•There should always be an agreed contract between the skating group, club and the company which requires skaters.
•Every recognized skating club should always carry their club or group identifications and club uniforms for easy identification
•Any club, group willing to participate in street skating should always seek police and KCCA clearance after getting clearance from USF
•Age of skaters on the streets should always be considered first in doing any advertising job
•Skating on the streets is totally prohibited when there is no activity officially cleared by the stake holders
•All skating clubs, groups have genuine certificates for their clubs issued by USF and identification cards for their members for easy identification
•Every club training skating as an activity should first submit with USF a list of members, location and satisfied experience in skating
•All clubs should contribute towards the development of skating as a sport in Uganda by participating in activities organized by USF

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