Shawn Mubiru steps down from the Villa Electoral Committee


SC Villa CEO Shawn Mubiru has stepped down from his role as the Villa Electoral committee member with just a day left to voting.

Last week, Presidential candidate Denis Mbidde through his representatives requested the VEC to replace Mubiru by another independent individual.

Mbidde petitioned that Mubiru’s independence as a member of the committee is impeded.

VEC responded that they will only consider replacing Mubiru from the electoral process if team Mbidde can put their complaint in writing with supporting evidence.

Swift Sports understands that Mbidde’s camp put their complaint in writing with supporting evidence.

Sources at the club also reveal that Mubiru’s failure to negotiate a deals like that of Nicholas Kasozi and the departures of key players Geoffrey Wasswa and Derrick Ndahiro have seen him lose faith from the club faithfuls and is likely leave his role as the CEO immediately after a new leadership is confirmed.


Chairman: Robert Kigundu
Member : Isaac Walukagga
Member: Ssekidde Kavuma
FEC: Joram Katende

Members of the Villa members trust will head into the polls on 28th August to elect a new leadership.

Dennis Mbidde Ssebugwaawo and Hon. Medard Lubega Sseggona are two candidates eyeing to lead Uganda’s most successful football club back to glory.

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