SC Villa player blames CEO Shawn Mubiru for unpaid 30 months arrears


SC Villa forward Benson Muhindo is demanding the club unpaid 30 month arrears.

Muhindo revealed to this website that he has been chased out of house for failure to pay rent arrears. He has also blamed the Club Chief Executive Officer Shawn Mubiru for the horrendous situation.

“I have not been paid by Sports Club Villa for 30 months, I forwarded my issue to the club CEO Shawn Mubiru but he did not help me.” The CEO has always been promising me that is going to do something but it seems he does not take my issue serious.”

“I been chased out house for failing to clear rent arrears and I just don’t know what to do.”

Muhindo has one year left on his current Sports Club Villa contract.

The club was set for a new leadership last week but the election process was prematurely ended due to a Court summon.

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