Salim Uhuru calls for professionalism in Boxing


Uganda Professional Boxing commission president Salim Uhuru has urged all Boxers in the sport to act professionally.

Uhuru during the UPBC meeting at Mukwano mall also called upon the Boxers to have contracts signed with promoters which he believes is good for the sport.

“We decided to have this meeting because the Boxers have challenges that we had to look up and find possible solutions. One of the challenges is that promoters don’t sign contracts with the fights and so no boxer will be allowed to enter the ring without a contract signed.

“This is because a contract helps know that the boxer is well secured and if not paid we know how we can handle it with the promoter.”

“I hurts to see Boxers fighting for peanuts which is not good for their lives, I believe at least they should earn a minimum of one million during title fights.”

He also warned Boxers about engaging themselves in crime offenses and called upon for promoters to make sure fights start early and end in time.

“We are going to ban those professional boxers who engage themselves in crime offenses, we shall not accept that because it kills the image of the sport and I call upon the professional Boxers to appear and dress decently.”

“We shall also reduce on the number of fights to make sure that fights begin early and end in time, I believe we shall be able to avoid fights from starting late.”

Uhuru also promised to use his political office as the chairman of the ruling party in Kampala district to convince President Museveni help the Boxing fraternity in various aspects.

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