Rwandan outfit AS Kigali face consequences for wrongful dismissal of former coach

Courtesy photo

By: Erias Kayondo

Association Sportive De Kigali women Football club has been ordered by court to pay $47000 (approximately 40million Rwandan Francs) in compensation to former head coach Grace Nyinawumuntu for wrongful dismissal.

Nyinawumuntu’s dismissal followed last year’s suspension in which the club president Teddy Gacinya said they would give her two months as investigation is carried out.

“We have suspended her for two months. In that period she will not be allowed to continue with her duties at the club. We need to verify what is going on as players have been divided into two.”

Gacinya told Rwanda’s Times sport as reported in January last year.

Since then, Nyinawumuntu did not return to her duties at the club and sought court redress which passed a rulling that she should be compensated with a whopping amount ($47000).

Nyinawumuntu became Rwanda’s first international woman referee in 2004 and first woman professional football coach 4 years later.

A graduate of Kigali Institute of Education, Nyinawumuntu has come along way through the ranks to become the head coach of Rwanda’s National women’s football team and is an integral member of the the Association of Kigali women Sports.

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