Robinson Odoch and Jimmy Enabu among top performers in FIBA World Cup qualifier(Africa) first round ratings

Jimmy Enabu averaged 18 points per match

By: Nacho Black Armo

Despite Uganda winning only one game in Mali and scooping 2nd place after the first 3 set of games, Ugandans have yet another thing to smile about and that’s the overwhelming performance by Robinson Odoch and Jimmy Enabu.

Robinson has been rated best performer in 3 statistical categories in the FIBA World Cup qualifiers ( Africa) after round one topping the best players averaging the highest points per game as follows,

1.Robinson Odoch ( Uganda)- averaging 21 Points per match.

2.Jimmy Abram Enabu (Uganda)- Averaging 18 points per match.

3.Ikechukwu Somtochukwu Diogu ( Nigeria)-
averaging 17.7 points per match.

Odoch and Enabu also topped the highest total of points scored in the entire tournament,

1. Robinson Odoch (OUG)‎ -63 points in 3 matches.
2. Jimmy Abram Enabu (OUG)‎- 54 points in 3 matches.
3. Ikechukwu Diogu (NGR)‎ -53 points in 3 matches.
4. Destin Simon Damachoua (CAF)‎- 52 points in 3 matches.
5. Maxi Munanga Shamba (RDC)‎- 50 points in 3 matches.
6. Michael Koibe (TCH)‎ – 48 points in 3 matches.
7. Michael James Efevberha (NGR)‎- 47 points in 3 matches.
8. Evariste Tolembo (RDC)‎- 47 points in 3 matches.
9. Helton Ubisse (MOZ)‎- 46 points in 3 matches.
10. Mamadou Keita (MLI) -30 points in 2 matches.
11. Noe-Charles Abouo (CIV)- 44 points in 3 matches .
12. Jeremy N’zeulie (CMR)‎- 44 points in 3 matches.
13. Obi Emegano (NGR)‎- 42 points in 3 matches.
14. Kenny Gasana (RWA)‎- 42 points in 3 matches.
15. Omar Abada (TUN)‎- 40 points in 3 matched.

Overall efficiency, both Odoch Robinson and Nigeria’s Micheal James Efevberha were rated at 21% followed by another Nigerian Ikechukwu Somtochukwu Diogu at 19.7%.

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