Renowned player intermediary Bana Swaibu Luyombya targets international market after attaining licence

He is a well travelled and connected individual whose talents had only been hindered by lack of the required documentation to perform at unlimited levels


Under the agency of Kawuulu foundation where he partners with Sentongo another FIFA accredited player intermediary, Swaibu Bana Luyombya has vowed to spread his wings across the world in search for the best markets for Ugandan talents.

Luyombya has been operating as a player agent/ intermediary for the last 10 years but on a part time basis due to lack of the required documentation that is required to perform the job without limitations.

Early this month on September 9th, Luyombya and his partner Tonny Sentongo acquired the documents from FUFA after undergoing the mandatory training and tests operated by the federation on behalf FIFA.

Speaking to Swift Sports Uganda, an elated Luyombya revealed how much this achievement is going to elevate his stature and the industry.

Kawuulu foundation licence under which Luyombya will operate

” I am very delighted for the fact that I am now going to be operating officially as a certified FIFA intermediary with full authority to represent my clients. Previously we have been experiencing hardships especially dealing with clubs who do not want to deal with third parties but now, that’s no more” .

He is a well travelled and connected individual whose talents had only been hindered by lack of papers.

“I am now very empowered to explore many markets for our clients and God willing our wings are going to explode beyond East Africa and world over”

He added.

Luyombya and his partner join an exclusive list of Ugandan intermediary among others, Geoffrey Kayemba Solo, Tushar Ruparelia, Hernat Ella Angura, Antony Akera, Alex Ndiwalana, Conrad Ndawula Mulindwa and Alintuma Nsambu.


According to FUFA, one has to pay an application fee of 100,000/= , 1,000,000/= for the licence and then enrol for a training organised by the federation. Their training fees are 250,000/=.

Upon approval of the licence, one has to pay a security fee of 1,000 USD which is refundable upon closure of business.


Intermediary means any person or legal persons (e.g. company, business) who, for a fee or free of charge, is engaged by a Club (being any club that is registered or affiliated with FUFA/FIFA, one of its member federations or an association affiliated to one of its member federations) and/or Player in a “Transaction

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