Police FC awarded 3 points and 3 goals from the unplayed match against Masavu

Photo by Police FC media

By: Danito Nsubuga 

The FUFA competitions committee has awarded Police FC 3 points and 3 goals following the un played game between Police FC and Masavu FC that was supposed to take place at Bugonga Fisheries grounds.

According to the referee’s report, the match was not played because the home team (Masavu) failed to produce licences for all their players.

It is against this background that the competitions department decided to award all 3 points and 3 goals to Police FC, a decision that has now propelled Police FC to the summit of the league.

A statement from the competitions department read,

” The match was not played because the home team did not have licenses for all the players. This contravenes Article 26 paragraph 26.1 of the FUFA competitions Rules”.

” Masavu FC there fore lost the match by forfeiture (3 points and 3 goals) to Police FC and fined 1000,000/= as per provision 26.4 (iii) of the above mentioned rules. “

The Tournament organising committee will now be required to ratify the table standings of the current Azam Uganda premier league and this automatically sends Police FC to the top of the league, followed by URA and SC Villa.

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