Mulindwa blasts “cockroaches” who almost ruined the COPA finals


The triumphant St. Mary’s Kitende team officially presented the trophy to the executive director of the school Dr. Lawrence Mulindwa.

On the ceremony, Mr.Mulindwa attacked the Jinja fans who threw stones onto the pitch and called upon them to learn from Kitende instead of resorting to hooliganism

“We all support European clubs due to their brand of football, in Uganda cockroaches resort to hooliganism instead of learning”.

“Jinja had hosted a great footballing competition until a few fans started throwing stones in the last two games.”

He congratulated his beleaguered troops for accomplishing the mission that took them in Jinja

“I am very happy to see that my boys delivered and accomplished the mission I assigned them on their way to Jinja. St. Mary’s Kitende is known for winning trophies and this year early preparations, grooming and better recruitment were key in our triumph.”

“I wonder how we could have crossed the new bridge without the trophy, indeed the technical bench and players have done a tremendous job.”

“We now turn attention to this year’s East Africa Championships and I have a lot of trust that we shall prevail.” Stated Mulindwa.

He also thanked the fans who gave support to the school during the competition.

Head coach Male Abbey also appreciated Mulindwa for his generosity towards the game in the country. He was also thankful of his players and the entire technical bench

“I take this opportunity to thank the executive director of St. Mary’s Kitende for being generous towards the game in our country.”

“The boys really represented their school, they were determined and prepared for victory. Personally this is my first year here and I am glad to have delivered a trophy and i thank my entire technical bench for the support.”

“I thank the teachers for the parental guidance they give to these boys, modern game demands education. Talent alone cannot help in life.”

Mulindwa also gave all the players and coaches a token of appreciation for the remarkable achievement. 59 schools took part in the two weeks event that was hosted by Jinja College in Busoga region.

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