Mukoova, Muwanguzi excel at the play safe woodball championship


Muwanguzi Israel of Eminents Woodball Club was on top of his game when he clinched gold in Senior category of the play safe championship that was held at Kyambogo Cricket oval on Saturday 8th, May.

Muwanguzi registered 85 strokes to beat favourite Gwaaka Brian of Ndejje Corporate Woodball Club who was second with 86 strokes.

Mutiibwa Robert also from Eminents was second with 86 strokes

In the Senior category women singles, Joan Mukoova (Eminents) finished top with 94 strokes while Birungi Christine (Ndejje) was second with 95 strokes.

Joyce Nalubega from Eminents Woodball Club finished third with 98 strokes.

Top three performers in every category

Senior Category Singles Men

•Muwanguzi Israel Eminents Woodball Club-85

•Gwaaka Brian (NDEJJE CWC) -86

•Mutiibwa Robert Eminents 43

Senior category singles women

•Mukoova Joan Eminents – 94strokes

•Birungi Christine Ndejje – 95strokes

•Nalubega Joyce Eminents – 98strokes

Doubles Men Senior category

•Opio Emmanuel and Ssensalo Charles Eminents – 45 strokes

•Gwaaka Brian and Byamukama Bridge NCWC – 46 strokes

•Otim Simon and Nadiope Phillip Proway – 48 strokes

Doubles Women Senior Category

•NalubegaJoyce and Nambeguya Elizabeth (Eminents) 51 strokes

•Birungi Christine and Nansanga Tracy (Ndejje)-54 strokes

•Nabirye Shakira and Ngabire Victoria (MUBS) – 54 strokes

Mixed doubles

Ssebugwawo William and Nalukwago Jane (NDEJJE A) 44

• Wabusa Davis and Mukoya Florence (MUBS) -45 strokes

•Atamba Onesmus and Nakayenga Pauline (NCWC) -47 strokes

Corporate category Women

Matovu Rose (NCWC)- 48 Strokes
•Babirye Noeline Nalwoga ( Kisubi Corporate) -50 strokes
•Kamoga Peace Namuyiga (BBA) -53 Strokes

Corporate Category Men

•Sombe Patrick (TIGERS)- 35 strokes

•Kiiza Caleb (NCWC) -36 strokes

•Rwaganika Absolom (NCWC)-41 strokes

Men Doubles Corporate

•Rwaganika Absolom and
Barigye Innocent
(NCWC COP) – 46strokes

•Kiiza Caleb and Male Hassan (NCWC COP) -48 strokes

•Makoha Micheal and Mugarura Timothy
(NCWC COP)- 56 strokes

Doubles Women

•Naluwaga Catherine and Nabiseere Dorcus
BBA -54 strokes

•Nassiwa Proscovia and Kamoga Peace Namuyiga
BBA -62 strokes

•Zawedde Afuya and Nandyowa
BBA -74 strokes

Mixed Doubles Corporate category

•Masiga Jackson and Babirye Noeline (Kisubi Corporate) 51 strokes

•Ssemata Raymond and Nayiga Daisy( Kisubi Corporate and NCWC)56 Strokes

• Kitosi Ronald and Matovu Rose (NCWC) 59 Strokes

Juniors Category

• Zawedde Afuwa (BBA Youth)- 132 strokes

•Nanziri Joyce BBA Youth)- 137 strokes

•Nanyonjo Annet (BBA Youth)- 138 Strokes

Teams competition

•Ndejje Corporate Woodball Club -354 strokes
•Eminents Woodball Club -367 strokes
•Ndejje University -375 strokes


•Eminents Woodball
Club – 422 strokes
•Ndejje University
– 436 Strokes
•Ndejje Corporate
Woodball Club- 437strokes

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