Muhangi highlights on reviving Boxing in Schools


The Uganda Boxing Federation has held a schools games masters workshop on reviving the sport in Schools. Moses Muhangi the UBF president highlighted on the importance of the workshop that was held at Emerald hotel, Kampala.

Muhangi asserts that this agenda is to connect schools to the game and will also help in nurturing new talents

“The major reason for this program is to connect boxing to schools like it is in football and Rugby. Boxing was one of the greatest games in the country during the past years but it has gone down and that’s why we are interacting with the headmasters, administrators and games masters in various schools in Kampala.”

We are to share with them and students basics of the game. I believe this will help us scoop new talents from the schools which I believe will help promote the sport in the country.”

Muhangi also aims continue with the program to other districts around the country.
Boxing in the sixties, seventies and early nineties was a traditional sport in different schools around Uganda.

Icons like Leo Rwabogo ( two time Olympic medalist), Byaruhanga Vicky, Godfrey Nyakana and many others were products of schools like Namilyango College, Nabumali SS, Kololo High and Dynamic High School.

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