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Muhangi highlights on formation of Uganda Sports Federations and Associations


Muhangi highlights on formation of Uganda Sports Federations and Associations


The Uganda Sports Federations and Associations interim Executive Board has highlighted on the formation of the Association.

During a press briefing held on Saturday at Kati Kati, Interim Chairman Moses Muhangi gave various reasons on to why they came up with the idea of forming the association

On Thursday, 10th December, we finally came together and formed the Uganda Sports Federations and Associations which will be able to help us speak for ourselves and by ourselves.” We totally agree with many of you that this has indeed been long overdue for the sports sector, seeing that other groups of people are already organized into proper associations of their own.”

On the preliminary tasks of the association

The preliminary tasks of the association include mobilizing funds to stem youth idleness using sports, liaison with key stakeholders.” The association will work in a mode that complements and supplements the already great efforts of our mother bodies National Council of Sports, Ministry of Education and Sports and the Uganda Olympic committee.”

The association will also add its voice to those bodies advocating for s better sports sector but it will also go further to engage potential sponsors and funders that the above bodies may not be able to approach due to the nature of their offices.”

Muhangi also added that the outbreak of the global Covid-19 pandemic has halted the sports sector leading many youths into crime but the association will make expedited efforts to support youths mainly in the sports sector

As many may be aware, the youth problem in Uganda is very serious because many of them are jobless and idle but bursting with energy.”

The closure of sporting activities due the Covid-19 pandemic has led to an increase in the number of youths that are dangerously idle.” As such, we shall be making some expedited efforts to secure support to help with this problem.”

We are aware of the health threat associated with Covid-19 and we shall be working within the SOPs to reopen sports in a safe way that can take our youths away from crime into productive activities.” Said Muhangi.

The Association is also set to have a meeting with the President of the Republic of Uganda Yoweri Kaguta Museveni.

The Interim Executive Board of the Association

Chairman – Moses Muhangi (Boxing)

Secretary General – Mr. Jjagwe Robert (Table Tennis)

Committee Members ; Engineer Mwaka Emmanuel (Chess), Mrs Harriet Ayaa (Gymnastics), Mr. Assiimwe Richard Mcbond (Archery), Mr. Thomas Bamuteze (Rollball), Mrs. Annet Kisomose (Netball), Mr. Stanley Tamale (Hockey), Mr. Mwebesa Harry (Kickboxing)

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