Muhangi calls for unity in Boxing


Uganda Boxing Federation President Moses Muhangi during the Box HIV campaign on sensitizing Boxing coaches called upon for togetherness from everyone involved in the sport.

Muhangi was also frustrated at the wrangles in the Boxing fraternity brought about by those against him to come and work to see that the Sport returns to its glory days.

“We need to work together to see that Boxing returns to it’s glory days as the best sport in the country. But we cannot achieve this when some members are taking me to courts of law concerning my leadership as UBF president.”

It hurts when you are trying to take the sport to the next step and see that other people go to courts of law for their personal interests. I believe it’s better we work together to see that Boxing becomes great again.”

Muhangi also praised the coaches for the attendance in Box HIV out of Uganda campaign and believes this will help out Boxers know their HIV status.

“I thank the coaches for attending in big numbers in the Box HIV out of Uganda. We as UBF we are delighted to see that our coaches have been sensitized about HIV virus.”

I believe this campaign will help everyone associated with Boxing to know their HIV status. The good thing we know those who can give medicine and counseling to those infected with the virus. We wanted to start with the health and after we are to focus on standards of living for Boxers.”

The Box HIV out of Uganda campaign sensitization will commence tomorrow at Kati Kati Restaurant and this time the games master from both Secondary and Primary schools involved.

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