More motivation for the Bombers

By: Nacho Black Armo 

The bombers continue with their preparations as Betway too continues to facilitate the Bombers with food and kits. The 3 boxers that are set to represent Uganda in Hamburg, Germany on 25th August 2017 in AIBA World Boxing Championships. The boxers were facilitated with fruits and all sorts of food nutrition to boost their preparations before they set off on 21st of August.

The 3 boxers who qualified in Congo Brazzaville will be captained by gold medalist and welterweight Muzamir Kakande. Kaketo Geofrey of Bantamweight and David Ayiti of the Heavyweight division are the two boxers to make a team of 3 having qualified through AIBA African Confederation Boxing Championship.

Besides Betway, great news came last evening as Sam Buchanan a city businessman and chairman Buchanan investments Uganda, extended a helping hand to the Bombers by giving out 2 million Ugandan shillings to the boxers, coaches and technical team.

Buchanan continued to motivate the team with promises, every gold medal and Knock out by the Bomber Buchanan promised a million shilling for it. He further sponsored the the team Manager,Fred Kavuma’s travel air ticket.

Speaking to the press, Buchanan had this to say,

“My aim is to motivate the boys by giving them conducive conditions during and after training. Boxing is one of the most energy consuming games which requires good feeding, timely resting and concentration “.

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