Micheal Buzangu inspires Warriors past Norman Blick’s JKL Dolphins

By: Nacho Black Armo

Having finished top of the table with stunning performances, Pemba Warriors showed their title interests once again.

In a tight race that saw Norman Blick playing a game of his life for JKL, Pemba Warriors looked displaced in the first minutes of the game. This was evident with the first quarter scores where they trailed 10-31.

JKL seemed to have a good time until Micheal Buzangu got fired up in the second quarter scoring 2 points seconds after he had come on for Syrus Kiviri.

Buzangu went on to dectate play scoring 5 points including a 3 pointer before Syrus came on to replace him forcing the second quarter to end 41-38 in favor of Warriors.

Warriors widened the gap with 7 points in the third quarter as JKL kept them at check all the time but they failed to come back into the game losing 65-77 after the final whistle.

Micheal Buzangu scored a total of 23 points while Amenyi Philip scored 16. Legendary icon and JKL Dolphins’ Norman Blick scored 18 points, 9 assists and 7 rebounds but weren’t enough to save Dolphins.

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