Mbidde decries unfairness by the Villa Electoral Committee

Villa will choose their next president on the 28th of August 2021 but Candidate Mbidde argues that there has not been enough voter education by the electoral commission and that most of the voters do not actually know how the voting process will be conducted.


With less than 2 days to the long awaited polling day of the next SC Villa president, candidate Denis Mbidde has again expressed his frustration with the VEC arguing that they have failed to address the concerns he pointed out to them in the meeting they had with the candidates last week.

The committee promised to consider Mbidde’s request to have CEO Shaun Mubiru removed from his role at the commission but this hasn’t been effected and no communication has been made since.

Registration of members and voters is supposed to end today but members have found it hard to go through the process because the system is on and off.

Press Release: Villa Electoral Committee Guidelines.

Mbidde’s camp mobilised their supporters and approached the SC Villa secretariat in industrial area and asked them to consider registering them manually.

They were initially granted their wish but today, the offices are unreachable and there is no one to attend to those who want to be registered.

By press time, the portal to which fans have to access registration has been down.

With the deadline fast approaching, the online portal for registration is currently down

When this website reached one of the officers in charge of registration and records, he said that the system has been overwhelmed by the high traffic of people who want to beat the deadline which is 5:00pm on 25th August.

Candidate Mbidde also insists that there has not been enough voter education with most of the electorate not aware of how the voting will be conducted.

Mbidde believes that the electronic system of voting can not be trusted in such a setting and it is very palpable to malpractices

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