Mbarara city Vs Police fc rescheduled from 20th,Oct to 21st,Oct 2017

By: Elias Kayondo

Mbarara city made a written application to the Azam Uganda Premier League Secretariat on Wednesday 18th, Oct ,2017 in request to have their game against Police fc rescheduled.

The Ankole lions host their home games at Kakyeka Staduim and in their application they stated that the same stadium will be occupied on Friday 20th, Oct , 2017 by the ongoing recruitment of soldiers by the UPDF.

In their response, the Azam Uganda Premier League Secretariat responded positively to the request and the game was postponed to Saturday 21st ,Oct ,2017 at the same stadium.

Persuant to article 15.3(i) provides that; ” It shall be responsibility of the home club to hire the stadium(if applicable) for match days (TV matches inclusive ) and observing any eventualities that may interrupt with the schedule matches. Any home club that fails to monitor events at the stadium and such omission causes abandonment of the match shall lose the match by forfeiture”. The Secretariat has granted your request. Reads part of the letter.

Mbarara city fc were supposed to tussle it out with Police fc this Friday 20th ,Oct ,2017 at their home ground Kakyeka Staduim in Mbarara according to the earlier fixture schedule.

Copy of the letter confirming the rescheduling of the game

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