Maroons FC unveil 130M marriage with Virgin gold cooking oil


Maroons FC have signed a one year partnership with Ngetta tropical holdings the manufacturers of Virgin gold cooking oil worth 130 million Ugandan shillings.

The Commissioner General of Prisons and Maroons Patron Johnson Omuhunde Byabashaija was overwhelmed with the sponsorship and called upon everyone associated with the Maroons to emphasize discipline.

“I thank Ngetta Tropical Holdings for partnering with Maroons. They have made a great decision to join us because we have pedigree not like the likes of Nyamityobora and Paidha Black Angels. I can confirm that they will yield more than what they have offered us.”

I call upon everyone associated with Maroons football club to emphasize discipline. Those who will be found guilty of indiscipline will immediately sacked be by the club.”

On behalf of Ngetta Tropical holdings, the chief executive officer Paul Omara is hopeful that the sponsors will last for many more years and believes it will benefit both parties.

“It’s a great honour for Ngetta Tropical holdings to build a strong relationships with Maroons FC one of the oldest clubs in the country. We are hopeful that this partnership will benefit both parties and I have faith that it will last for more years.

“I believe that the partnership will also help Maroons FC yield great results in the games to come.” He stated.

The company also purchased three sets of Jerseys and track suits for players.

The good news comes at a moment when the Prison side are currently in the bottom half of the table and are in 13th place with 7 points.

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