Luzzi calls upon CID to investigate on crimes related to match fixing


New Police FC Marketing and Executive officer Abraham Luzzi has written to the Director of Criminal Investigation department to carry out investigations on match fixing allegations in the game of football in the country.

Luzzi has also called upon the CID to also investigate on crimes such include bullying, use of vulgar language by fans among others.

According to him many stakeholders have left stadiums due to insults from fellow fans and match fixing.

Luzzi says that match fixing has chased away various stakeholders from watching the game of football in stadiums in the country.

According to him the CID department in the country should,

•Follow and investigate those found culpable

•To fully investigate any acts of crime like bribery and match fixing against any football officials including referees in addition to FUFA disciplinary committee.

•To rely mostly on expert evidence basically videos, photos, audio among others for prosecution

•The investigations should be done in not more than seven working days if it’s to have an impact.

Luzzi has also put up a prize of 300,000 will be given to the given to any person who will provide any information regarding anyone who uses vulgar language.

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