Lethargic Proline held by SC Villa to throw their survival hopes in tatters

By: Danito Nsubuga

For a team that badly needed to win at all cost to keep their dreams of survival alive, Proline disappointingly played at the temple and rhythm of their visitors who had nothing but pride to play for in their last away fixture of the 2017/18 season.

Proline looked disinterested, unmotivated and uninspired in a game that meant life and death for them.

How Proline lined up for the game

It was instead SC Villa who got the first chance of the game, which fell to Alex Kitatta who blasted the ball in the stands with Said Keni already beaten.

Keni was again threatened by Martin Kizza but his effort was fluffed over the bar. At this moment, Keni couldn’t hold on after a minor collision with Kitata, he was replaced by Nasser Lwamunda on 35 minutes.

SC Villa starting xi

Mujib Kasule’s side was forced into another substitution when David Owori got injured in a nasty challenge with SC Villa skipper Bernard Muwanga minutes close to half time.

Proline returned a more revamped team and they tried threatening SC Villa’s territory.

Daniel Isiagi their ray only ray of hope tried to shine brighter but his acrobatic kicks were thwarted by Samson Kirya.

Proline remain 15th on the table and their only hope of survival remains in prayer that they beat URA at home on Friday 25, Express , Soana and UPDF all lose their final games.

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