Kiwatule Boxing Club sensitized on HIV/AIDS

David GOMBE 

On Thursday 31st October, the Uganda Boxing Federation in partnership with Kiwatule Boxing Club held a successful HIV/AIDS sensitization workshop at St. Mbaaga Catholic church, Kiwatule.

The Box HIV/AIDS out of Uganda campaign is funded by UNAIDS and was initiated last year in a bid to overcome the deadly scourge by 2030.

UBF President, Moses Muhangi says the major aim of the campaign is sensitize the boxing fraternity about HIV/AIDS in all the affiliated Boxing Clubs in the country

“We want to have healthy people in the sport and through the Box HIV/AIDS campaign, our people are sensitized about the virus.”
We want to extend this program to all parts of the country through our Boxing clubs.”

The response from the community has been positive, the youths have attended in big numbers.”

Kiwatule Boxing Club coach Swaib Muyanja applauded UBF and UNAIDS for the initiative

“I thank the Uganda Boxing Federation and UNAIDS for this initiative that has seen many boxers and fans get to know more about HIV/AIDS. Many people have attended and gained from this workshop.” Stated Muyanja.

The second phase of the campaign which started on Monday will climax on Friday 1st November at Bogie Boxing Club (Kyebando). The Boxer and fans from clubs such as Kadiba Boxing Club, Malalo Boxing Club, Busabala Boxing club and Kiwatule have been sensitized during the week.

Uganda still has 1,000 new infections and 500 deaths every week.

This fact sheet is based on the performance during the period January 2010-December 2018.

The estimated total number of people living with HIV (PLHIV) was 1,400,000 (300,0000-1,500,000) as of 2018.

The estimated number of new HIV infections as of December 2018 26,000 women, 19,000 men, 18,500 young people (15-24) and 7500 children (0-14).

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