KICKBOXING : National Pro-Am Rankings season one officially launched


KICKBOXING : National Pro-Am Rankings season one officially launched

The Uganda Kickboxing Federation has today Thursday 28th March launched the National Pro-Am Rankings season one with two weight categories.

The super light Weight and super light Welterweight in the K1 kickboxing style which will be played on 27th April at Freedom city, Namasuba and over seven sessions are to take place this year in various categories.

According to the Federation president Patrick Luyooza, the major aim is to rank and identify fighters to use on the national team.

“The competition will help us rank the best fighter in every category. The categories we have are Full contact, K1, Low Kick, Thigh and MMA. On the opening day fighter will compete in the Super light Weight and super light Welterweight, we expect over 60 fighters to compete on the opening day and over 70 fights will take place.”

“We shall also have a chance to identify the fighters we shall use on the National team which will compete in the World kickboxing Championships that will be held in Egypt next year.”

He also thanked National Council of Sports for the support rendered to the Federation.

Sadat Yiga the National kickboxing head coach expects all the fighters to put up explosive performances

“We expect a great competition and I thank the Federation for organizing this event which will help feed the national team.

“Personally I believe Uganda has the best kickboxing players and can assure the nation that by 2020 we shall have developed a competitive National team ready to yield medals in the world kickboxing Championships.” He stated.

The National Pro-Am Rankings will be an annual event that will involve all athletes from clubs affiliated to the Federation.

The rankings will be made using elimination system, ten champions will be selected and ranked with the overall winner and runners up will be receiving belts.

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