KICK BOXING : Golola, Semata promise an explosive fight


Golola Moses and Umar Semata will renew their rivalry in the fight of the century.

The two fighters last faced off in October last year with Ssemata coming out victorious via a unanimous decision.

The two have agreed to face off in a rematch slated for August 3rd at Freedom City, Namasuba.

This time they will contest in a title kickboxing bout and it will be a super middle weight for five rounds in the K1 style.

During the launch on Tuesday May 28th at Sheraton Hotel, each fighter received Shs50M.

Golola is under promoter Abbey Musinguzi commonly known as Abtex (Red corner, People Power) while Balam Barugahare (Yellow corner, NRM) is in Semata’s camp.

Moses Golola promised to destroy Semata in the third round

"I want to first thank my brothers the kick boxers for promoting the game, the Federation, promoters and all those who have supported us financially. Semata has done a tremendous job in promoting Uganda abroad, but let me assure Balam that in Uganda it's Golola Moses who is extraordinary."

"Semata and Balam will be chips and chicken on the day of the fight. He won't make it past the third round."

On heroes day I am going to dismantle Kasumaali and this will be training for me."

Stated Golola.

Semata also assured to silence Golola in the second round

"I am a man of action not words, let me thank my promoters and sponsor for the support rendered to me. Last time when I faced Golola he lost honorably but this time he I want to finish him earlier in the second round and he will be taken home in A-Plus ambulance."

Balam cautioned his fighter to silence Golola and Abtex on the night of the fight

"I thank everyone and I can only caution Semata to beat Golola and Abtex. The red corner has to be silenced they talk a lot. Semata I want you to explosively finish Golola and the rest of the kicks go to his promoter Abtex."

Abtex also called upon his fighter to destroy both Balam and Golola

"I call upon Golola to help me beat Semata like it was against Titus Tugume. I want Semata to be knocked down in the third round. Balam knows that red colour is pure not like his yellow one which is faded."

We have the support, yellow has no supporters and we are only waiting for victory."

The Thailand based fighter has a total of 78 career fights with 45 wins, 30 losses and 3 draws while Golola has 42 fights, registered 36 wins and lost five.