Kiboga Young vs Katwe United : The curious case of Kigozi Andrew Samson

By: Sinan Rajub Senoga

On Sunday 27th June, Kiboga Young edged Katwe United in the FUFA Big League playoff qualifier courtesy of away goals’ rule following a 2-2 aggregate score.

The final whistle saw the fans of either sides exchange bitter words and blows in the bleachers of StarTimes stadium, Lugogo. The Katwe players and officials themselves attacked the referee Deogracious Opio in expression of their discontentment in the match officiation.

A copy of the claimed 2nd license that is registered in the names of Kigozi Samson

Well, it was quite evident that, Katwe United were not going to take the result in good faith and 2 days later, the Allan Ssewanyana funded club filed a petition against Kiboga Young’s player Kigozi Andrew Samson accusing him of being double licensed.

Kigozi had played 90 minutes at Lugogo before he was replaced by Kakomo Amir Zaake inside the 4 added minutes.

In a letter addressed to the Chairperson of FUFA Competitions committee, Katwe United states that, Kigozi holds two licenses one being for Kiboga Young and the other for NAMATABA RIIFO FC in the 4th tier of Nakawa division.

” With great concern present to you our petition against Kiboga Young for fielding an ineligible player MR. KIGOZI SAMSON (Shirt 8) who has been a player at Nakawa 4th Division Club 2017/18 at NAMATABA RIIFO FC registered under LICENCE NUMBER 950511021, and according to FUFA rules and regulations that the competitions which we were playing in under regulation 19E “no club shall be allowed to use a double licensed player and any club that does so, forfeits the points in which that player appeared.”

says a letter dated 29th May 2018 and signed by Katwe United chairman Allan Ssewanyana

On Wednesday 30th May 2018, Kiboga Young retaliated with a response to Katwe United’s petition that disregards fielding a player by names of Kigozi Samson but rather Kigozi Andrew Samson.

” In reference to Katwe United’s petition against Kiboga Young FC, the petition addresses about my club fielding KIGOZI SAMSON yet my registered player is KIGOZI ANDREW SAMSON as also registered on the referee’s match report of the match in question. Therefore, we have believe that the said two might be different players as we haven’t asserted from Competitions department due to the limited time given to raise our response.”

says part of letter written by Kiboga Young FC

From the player’s perspective, Kigozi Andrew Samson the player in question downplays the allegations of double licenses,

He says;

” I have heard a lot that I have two licenses, that I have one for Kiboga Young and I had another from Kamwokya but that’s false,

” I want to assure people that I have one license and that’s the one of Kiboga Young. The other team attached to me is in the 1st division and i last played for them last season (2016) before I joined Kiboga in 2017.

” They even called me back to sign for them but I refused because i had already signed for Kiboga, so Manager Bwambale the mastermind behind all this forged that license because i never signed for him.” Kigozi adds on

Whether the allegations are true or false, we wait for the final ruling from the FUFA Competitions committee, whoever wins the petition will automatically progress the restructured 2018-19 FUFA Big League.

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