KCCA’s Tito Okello goes AWOL, cites breach of contract

Tito Okello is among the club’s top scorers with 5 goals, only Muhammad Shaban has more on 6 

By: Daniel Nsubuga 

KCCA striker Tito Okello has gone absent without leave from club duty citing reasons of non payment.

Tito Okello only signed for the club 5 months ago from Tanzanian outfit Mbeya city Fc on a two year contract that is supposed to run up to July 31st 2019.

The striker has managed 5 goals for KCCA and only Mohammed Shaban has more goals than him this season.

This website managed to reach the striker for clarity about the issue and he said,

“Yes it’s true I am not going back to KCCA FC, I decided to move on because they did not honour my contractual agreement with them”.

“I have not received my sign on fees since August yet it was agreed that at least 50% of this will be paid within the first 3 months. We are now into the 5th month and nothing has been deposited onto my account “.

“I feel disrespected and not valued by the club because some of the players with whom we joined at the same period were cleared for their dues, it has taken me long to come to this conclusion but I felt treated like an amateur “. Added Okello

Tito Okello signed for KCCA FC at the start of this season from Tanzanian outfit Mbeya city Fc

When asked about whether he made any steps to reach the club CEO, Okello said,

“I have reached the club C. E. O on several occasions but she kept on promising me that all will be sorted along with my salary but for 3 months, there was no difference. I have decided to leave because my contract was breached”.

Swift sports Uganda reached Mr Moses Magero the club head of communications to clarify on the matter, he declined to comment more on the player’s complaint but he admitted to the fact that club is aware of his absence. He said,

” At this moment in time, I am not in position to comment on Okello’s payments or lack of it, the top hierarchy are handling his issues and the club will come out to make a statement when the time is ripe. But I am are aware that Tito Okello has not reported to training since the league broke off”.

Okello is however adamant to reveal his next move and he refused to point to the clubs he is negotiating with but he insists that, his next engagement will not be with a Ugandan club.

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