KCCA Leopards and Betway Power seal Friday with victories.

Diego Angemi dribbling past a Dolphins player (Courtesy photo) 

By: Nacho Black Armo 

Friday evening could have never been better for all basketball fans in the country. Action started with the female clubs exhibiting ultimate skills. KCCA Lepards White Washed Javon ladies 87-38 agame Kcca’s Martha putting up a maximum of 25 points and 10 rebounds. Javon’s Ruth put up 11 points but this couldn’t save them from hungry KCCA Leopards.

Later on at 8pm the Men’s game between Betway Power and JKL Dolphins kicked off.
Dolphins seemed a threat with Power’s Old boy, Norman Blick missing a 3 point jump shot. Dolphins took a 3-0, 5-2 early leads until Power leveled 5-5 and never looked back. With Ikong starting on the bench , Power still put up a performance, Isaac Afidra kept causing enough damage to the Dolphins.

Isaac Afidra eyeing the net (Courtesy photo) 

However, much as Power kept proving strong, Dolphins tried harder to close the gap in all quarters, Norman traumatised his old team until he lost his temper when his team mate sillily blocked Isaac Afidra

By the end of the fourth quater, Power won 77-67, where Isaac Afidra managed to score 20 points,Micheal 17 while for Dolphins, Libe Makala scored 15 points 4 more points than Norma Blick who scored 11 and made 2 assists. The game pushed Betway Power to 2 place in the roster and also raised Dolphins to 6th.

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