” It’s our style, It’s our way. We don’t play to impress anyone”. Kajoba hits at critics

By: Elias Kayondo 

Fred Kajoba the Bright stars fc tactician fired back to his critics who say that he plays a boring defensive game.

Speaking to the press after their victory against URA FC, a joyous Kajoba commented on a number of issues including his recent ban by the AUPL Secretariat.

Kajoba defended his style of play especially about the remarks reportedly said by his KCCA fc counterpart as regards to their style of play when they met last week.

“We also play our way , we don’t play to impress anyone but to win. If we put a bus in our defence just go ahead and unlock it ,once you fail to do so then let go and appreciate the results”.

Kajoba also stressed that he wasn’t at loggerheads with referee Denis Batte and that he is his staunch fan.

“I have actually dressed in a suit today to assure everyone that i never abused Mr Batte and i repeat i will never abuse him. I only told him to respect our badge which i was protecting because i am his fan and i wish him well”.

He also commended his team and Skipper Nelson Ssenkatuka in particular for the job well done.

“I am happy, i have come back from the ban with a very big result. I think am going to surprise these big teams this season”.
Ssenkatuka now has 4 goals in 7 games. These are the kind of players we need and the trophy will be ours”.

Bright stars fc will play visitors to Express fc away at Wankulukuku in their next game on 31st, Oct, 2017.

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