“It’s a huge milestone that Airtel have chosen to renew the Cranes sponsorship deal” Eng. Moses Magogo


FUFA President Moses Magogo speaking to the media during the launch of the new deal

By: David Gombe

Fufa President Moses Magogo has expressed gratitude towards Airtel for renewing their deal with FUFA for the sponsorship of the Cranes doubling it to the tune of 10 billion shillings.

Magogo talked about how instrumental Airtel telecommunications company has been in the last four years to Ugandan football.

He said,

“It is exactly four years since we made our partnership with Airtel and we made a lot of promises to each other, as Fufa we agreed to work tirelessly to change our soccer during that time” .

“Airtel as our main sponsors has been giving us money as early as possible plus engaging in activities like organising FUFA awards and regional tours during the last four years.”

Magogo commended the federation, players and coaches for having worked hand in hand to seeing that the agreement of 2013 could be fulfilled. He added,

” We believe FUFA, players and coaches that we have reached the agreement we made with Airtel in 2013 to bring happiness to the faces of Ugandans. This has happened during the last four years by reaching the Afcon finals after 39 years and competing with big teams in the world cup qualifiers.”

The Fufa boss believes that in the next four years a lot should be expected in terms of football aspects,

“We promise to keep moving forward basing on what we have achieved like, having the highest FIFA ranking in Uganda’s soccer history and also the best player based in Africa”.

“We have renewed our partnership with Airtel since they believe in long term projects such as Airtel Rising stars program. This has helped groom players such as Farouk Miya who scored the goal that took us to the Afcon finals”.

“We believe the sponsorship will bring confidence to us as we aim at competing in the next Africa cup and 2022 Qatar world cup.

He concluded by thanking that government for the support whenever Fufa came calling.

“We thank the government for the great support and due to the on going negotiations we believe a lot is to come from the government. We hope to continue bringing happiness to Ugandans basing on the support from both our main sponsors Airtel and government.”

The extended deal was initially signed in 2013 under an agreement to promote Ugandan football not only for the national team but also the Uganda cup and the FUFA big league, the tournaments that feed talent to the national team.

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