ISAAC MUBIKIRWA : The reigning Uganda body building champion

Mubikirwa displaying his trophy after being crowned the body building champion of Uganda (Courtesy photo)

By: Elias Kayondo 

Izo as most people usually call him has been in the body building field for the last 10 years. It’s where he works and lives most of the time. brings you more about the man who recently went against all odds to be crowned Mr Uganda ( Bodybuilding)

Family background ;

Mubikirwa Isaac was born in Jinja District. He is son to John and Sarah Mulero of Jinja town. He is the 3rd born in a family of 5 children with 4 boys and one girl.

Education background;

Isaac went to Narambai road Primary school in Jinja town, where he completed Primary Seven before joining St Mary’s Namaliga in Bombo for his O’level.

He joined St Mary’s Kitende for the A level and later on joined the school of clinical Medicine and Community Health in Mbale where he obtained a Diploma.
He remembers how it all
started as a joke in body building. Little did he know it would take him this far.

He said ;

“I started body building in 2007 during my senior six vacation. But it wasn’t serious and soon i had to let go and went back for further studies in Mbale. I only resumed it after my Diploma course”.
He concluded.

The Body building career.

Isaac started the body building career way back in 2007. He went off for 2 good years to pursue a Diploma in Clinical medicine and Community Health in Mbale.After the course, he resumed the training and he was more determined and serious this time round. He looked at it as a real deal and by 2011, he had built enough body to help him win the Mr Jinja contest. But this wasn’t going to be enough for him. So it brought more challenge and called for hardwork.

6 years down the road, he looks at 2017 as a year of great tangible results in his career. First he contested in the Mr Kampala competitions early in May which he won. This still raised more challenges his way. It was time for him to work even harder. The Mr Uganda contests were just around the corner.
Soon came November and there we were but he still went against all odds to be crowned the champion.

2011: Mr Jinja
2017:Mr Kampala
2017:Mr Uganda


The body building career has been of great impact to the young man in Mubikirwa Isaac. He shares the benefits so far.
1.” I rarely fall sick , it helps me to have a healthy body”.

2.” It has helped me create alot of friends “.

3. ” I am employed in the system because now i am an instructor at the University of Pain gym at Park Enkadde mall Kampala”.

4. ” I am well travelled especially around East Africa just because of Bodybuilding”

Future prospects;

Having conquered the whole Uganda , now Mubikirwa Isaac looks at the world at large.
He plans to participate in the forthcoming international level contests in Dubai ,United Kingdom and the United states of America.

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