HUDSON SSEGAMWENGE : FUBA General Secretary hopeful league will start immediately after lockdown


The Federation of Uganda Basketball Association Vice President and General Secretary Hudson Ssegamwenge reveals how the horrendous COVID-19 lockdown has halted the sport in the country

“Basketball as a sport world over has been affected immensely by the pandemic and for Uganda is not different. We had a number of activities this year including the league but unfortunately some activities hung in a balance as we still await on the out come of this whole situation.”

Hudson Ssegamwenge

“The league had been scheduled to start in March but it was stopped. This has hindered us in terms of sponsorships, fans are losing out on the fun of the game and the teams have been affected too especially maintaining the players’ contracts and their fitness levels.”

Ssegamwenge is however hopeful that the league will immediately start after the lockdown

“We are still hopeful that the league will open immediately after the lockdown has been lifted and still waiting on our international body to guide us on the remaining activities of the year.”

Ssegamwenge stated that they have used various platforms to sensitize the players about the deadly global pandemic.

“Generally as a federation we have been using our platforms and through the club managers to encourage them to keep safe at home and if possible keep fit with the environment they stay in.”

His message to the players, fans and fellow basketball administrators

“In this time, we have to accept that it’s really a trying time for all stakeholders and the message I have is to keep safe, follow the guidelines issued by Ministry of Health. stay home and stay safe,

“I call upon the players to work out from their homes and to our fans let’s keep hopeful and have faith that Basketball will rise again from these trying times and soon we shall get back to enjoying the game we love most.”

Due to the shutdown, the U-18 Men and Women FIBA Zone V qualifiers which were to be staged in Uganda were suspended by the FIBA.

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