Golola Moses defeats Lakatos Jonas in a Super Middleweight World title fight

Moses Golola celebrating his victory over Jonas Lakatos

By : Nacho Black Armo

After a number of under cards that started from 10pm to 2:40am, the fight of the night eventually happened. Golola Moses from Uganda taking on Jonas Lakatos from Hungary in a World Super Middleweight title fight.

The fight began on a slow pace with both fighters playing defensive and conscious but it was Hungarian with a bit of attacking intentions which saw him landing a number of jabs and low kicks to Golola.

Lakatos’ strategy seemed effective as his front kick saw Golola staggering to the ground. The home crowd seemed not fine with this as they cheered Golola to get up and take on the Hungarian.

Golola came back in round 2 with flying kicks strategy and it paid off as he knocked Lakatos twice to the ground but coming back beating the count.

The third round was no different from round 2 as Golola continued his dominance knocking the Hungarian twice before the ref called off the fight and declared Golola winner of the fight by technical knock out.

Speaking to the press and the the huge audience that had waited for him from 8pm, Golola said,

“I thank God for this victory, i wanted to knock him down in first round but the first counter punches he threw at me alerted me that this is not a joking subject”

But i resorted to kicks having studied him and it worked for me. I thank God for answering all the prayers i have been making for there is no weapon forged against me shall see success, i thank all my sponsors and fans for supporting Golola Talent Academy” concluded the excited champion.

After last night’s fight, Golola now draws his focus to building the Golola talent academy as well as tasking his promoters to get him kick boxing opponents from Thailand.

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