Fortebet customers pose for a photo moment after receiving their gifts

By: Editor

This is for real and it happens every weekend at various branches! This is being done by the first and only betting company to massively give back to its customers.

This is Fortebet, Uganda’s biggest sports betting home, giving back to its customers-thanking them for choosing Fortbet.This time, Matugga customers were the lucky branch, receiving the usual gifts Fortebet gives out.

Some of the customers who recieved the gifts

Upto 35 customers went home praising Fortebet after winning gifts like pens, wristbands, caps, T-shirts and jerseys for the favourite football clubs in Europe.

To win, a customer had to do one thing; placing a bet of atleast 2000/=. Whoever presented proof of placing this bet got a gift.

“We are not conducting any draw, nor are we asking any questions. Just show us your betting evidence-whether a hard copy of the betting slip or online and we instantly hand over to you your reward,”

said John Nanyumba, Fortebet media manager while presiding over the handover event at Matugga branch.

25 customers were rewarded with Fortebet wristbands and pens. 4 more customers received Fortebet T-shits while 4 others took Fortebet caps. Two customers took the biggest gift-the jerseys (for Arsenal and Chelsea).

On behalf of other customers who won the gifts, one Hamid (online nickname) said,

“This is like a surprise because i guess none of us expected to get what we have got. I personally, I am extremely happy and I thank Fortebet for atleast giving back to us because we also give it a lot of money.”

This weekend, we shall be at Seeta (just before Mukono-from Kampala)-starting at midday, so be there and win!

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