Fufa Junior League 2017/18 Upgraded from Under 17 to Under 18.

By: Semanda Yasin

The FUFA juniors league of the 2017/18 edition is set to kick off on the 16th of September 2017 at various grounds but FUFA has rung some some changes to the competition most notable being the advancement from the limit age which has been lifted from 17 to 18.

According to the letter sent from the Competitions Director Mr Mwebe Ali, FUFA has made some adjustments in the Fufa Junior league 2017/18 season and below the are changes;

First the age category has been upgraded from 17 years to 18 years. All the players most be born from 1st January 2000 and above.

Last season fufa junior League was for those players only under the age 17 years. www swiftsportsug. com reached out to Mr Mutyaba Bashir the Youth Football Development officer on why Fufa is upgrading age category from 17 years to 18 years?

“The main reason is to encourage player retention, because players who could go beyond 17 years in most cases failed to get where to play from after the U-17 level so the upgrade is aimed at giving them chance to continue playing until when they get ready and mature enough to play for the senior teams.”

Secondly, all teams shall register a total of 25 players, 15 of whom must have played in the 2016/17 season; all new players shall have to undergo the age verification exercise. The 1st Division club may at all time use a player(s) from its FUFA Juniors League team in the senior side official matches using the FJL player license.

Youth Football Development officer went a head and clarified about the issue of all teams must have 15 players that played in the 2016/17 season;

“The promoted teams are free to register 25 new players because they will undergo the age verification exercise”

Lastly National IDs are required to facilitate the registration of players on FUFA Football Connect System. Adjustments and requirements have been integrated in the Competitions regulations and relevant FUFA Rules.

National ID’s are a must for every players and those who don’t have national ID’s must have a passports to be registered.”

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