FORTEBET Appreciates Seeta customers, rewards 40

Customers at Seeta Recieved gifts courtesy of Fortebet

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The only betting company in Uganda that started and still does this has done it again-giving back to its customers! This time, it is Seeta customers who testified that this is real when they received these mega gifts in the middle of their betting hall.

Whoever was found at the branch and passed the very simple condition got a gift. If one didn’t win a team jersey for the top European teams, he/she then won Fortebet T-shirt or a cap or a pen if not a wristband.

Winners donning their T-Shirts

Talking to the customers that were found at the branch, most of them busy placing bets before the Saturday games started, Fortebet Media manager, John Nanyumba said that everyone was eligible to win any gift. “Just show me your ticket. As long as it has a stake of atleast 2000/=, I am going to give you a gift instantly. There is no draw or asking questions,” Nanyumba said. 4 clients won jerseys for clubs; Manchester United, Arsenal, Manchester City and Real Madrid.

Five others got themselves Fortebet T-shirts, 5 walked home with caps while 26 got either a Fortebet pen or wristband or both. Paul K, one of the winners thanked Fortebet for this first of its kind in Uganda’s betting industry.

These won Manchester United, Madrid and Man city jersies

“Until this day, I had never got anything back in return and I never even expected to get anything because this has never happened. To be very sincere, you (Fortebet) are the first company to do this. Since you have given back to us, we shall also take you as our number one betting company,” he said, while talking on behalf of his fellow winners.

For the last two months, Fortebet started giving back to its customers by way of thanking them for making them the best home of sports betting in Uganda.

This weekend, Fortebet will give out gifts to punters in Gulu. All branches will be reached. In addition to giving out these gifts, Fortebet shall also give out a number of footballs to the young talents in Gulu to promote their footballing talents.

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