Football Players’ Status Committee, a case of conspiracy, failure or negligence ?


The Federation of Uganda Football Associations(FUFA) has numerous committees which attend to the various concerna raised by the different football stakeholders in the country.

One of such committees is the Football Players’ status committee. It is mandated to foster harmony between the players and their employers.

Some of the players who have issues with their current employers and have already petitioned the committee feel neglected or intentionally unattended to.

“I have personally had my contractual obligations unfulfilled. I petitioned the Players’ Status Committee and submitted my will to leave the club but they are only tossing me up and down”,

Said one of the SC Villa players who preferred anonymity.

This website has been made to know that more than 15 players from different clubs have petitioned the committee over similar challenges but are yet to be attended to, raising questions of either conspiracy, failure or negligence.

However, Bashir Mutyaba the secretary to the committee refuted the claims with a simple reply ,

“The committee is handling.” He said.

We also reached out to the committee chairman Richard Ochom who gave a broader reaction about the issue at hand.

He said;

“When players petition us, we also write to the clubs and wait to hear from the other side as well.”

“The objective of the committee is not necessarily to release players but to find harmony between the players and the clubs.”

Ochom concluded his remarks by asking the concerned players to be patient,

“I call upon the concerned players to be patient because we shall eventually serve them deligently as we have always done”, he concluded.

On his side, Andy Lule the CEO of The Football Players’ Association said he could not extend a helping hand to people who have not reported such cases to his office.

He said, ” I have not received any complaint from a single player regarding contractual unfulfillment save for Asuman Alishe and for him we have already started processing for his pay.”

Despite efforts by the Federation to professionalise the league, there are various factors that still hinder this development and contractual unfulfillment is just one of the numerous factors.

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