BUL FC completes the signing of Musa Walangarira

Walangarira Musa  (center in white) has signed for BUL FC from JMC hippos. Courtesy photo 

By: Senoga Sinan Rajub 

BUL FC has completed the signing of gallant defender Musa Walangarira from JMC Hippos on a 2 year contract

The experienced center back has been training will the Kakindu based club while awaiting for an official release from his former club. He was part a BUL FC side that thumped Iganga Young FC 7-0 last week.

Walangarira was voted Best defender in the league for 2015-16 season after playing the all 30 games without injury or suspension. Last season, He was JMC Hippos Captain but has also formerly played for Iganga FC.

He joins players Didi Mohamad, Patrick Asiku Crespo, Abdul Mayanja, Mike Ndera, Yusuf Mukisa, Joshua Masene, Martin Kivumbi and William Otong who have already been signed by BUL fc.


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