Bright Stars Football Club joins Terra Renaissance in Soccer tour


Bright Stars Football Club joined Terra Renaissance in giving hope to the young generation in Northern Uganda at Pece War Memorial Stadium in Gulu in a soccer tour.

Terra Renaissance is an organization that was established in Northern Uganda in 2006 by Shingo Ogawa to give hope to the young generation especially those who were affected during war when the region was attacked by the LRA rebels.

They provide education, healthy facilities and enterprenuership skills to helping the young ones in the day to day life giving hope which had been lost.

Bright Stars helped in providing nets, balls, training kits.

Jimmy Otema who heads the camp in Gulu thanked Bright Stars family for the visiting as he believes it will help alot in motivating the young generation, He said.

“We are very grateful for Bright Stars spearing time to visit us. This is a great motivation to the young generation and I believe they have learnt a lot from this soccer tour.”

Derrick Kiggundu, Methodius Jjungu and Damien Nakalema were among the Bright Stars players who joined the camp to inspire the young ones who seem to have lost hope.

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