Bright stars 1-0 BUL: Banga Farouk’s first half header lifts Bright stars to 4th

By: Danito Nsubuga 

Bright Stars have won their 3rd game of the season courtesy of a Banga Farouk brushed header from a well delivered free kick from Innocent Asiimwe in the 20th minute.

The goal came moments after Farouk Katongole’s free kick had hit the pole following a foul on the lively Methodius Jjunju in the 10th minute.

BUL responded by employing a more direct approach and they almost earned an equaliser but Hamza Muwonge saves from a Patrick Asiku’s effort in the 30th minute.

BUL were handed a forced substitution when goal Keeper Paul Mujampani got injured on unclear circumstances and he was withdrawn for Didi Muhammad in the 36th minute.

The second half saw Kefa Kisaala introduce Mike Ndera for Patrick Asiku. Fred Kajoba also made a double substitution introducing Seif Batte and Akram Kakembo for Hakim Ssekitto and Sula Sebbunza respectively.

BUL continued attacking but Bright Stars sat back to soak the pressure. Kajoba made his final substitution by introducing Bagoth Yusuf for the visibly tired Jungu Methodius in 81st minute.

The game ended 1-0 with Bright stars on the top and it meant that Kefa Kisala’s team have fallen to their 4th defeat of the season.

Line ups:
Bright Stars XI vs BUL FC

Hamza Muwonge (GK), Andrew Kaggwa, Sulaiman Ssebbunza, Farouk Katongole, Innocent Asiimwe, Jimmy Kakooza, Jungu Methodius, Brian Enzama, Nelson Senkatuka, Banga Farouk, Hakim Sekitto

Substitutes used,
Yusuf Bagoth, Fred Segujja,Batte Sheif

Paul Mujampani, Abdul Mayanja,William Otongo, Yusuf Mukisa, Hassan Musana, Patrick Sembuya, Yunus Sibira, M.Kivumbi, Hamis Tibita , Crespo Asiku, F.Kyambadde

Substitutes used,
Didi Muhammad, Mike Ndera, Richard Wandyaka

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