BREAKING: Villa elections suspended after court injunction

Online voting began yesterday 27th August and it has been going on until now.


The Villa Election Committee (VEC) has confirmed that they have received a letter from the The Registered Trustees of Villa Members Trust directing the elections to stop.

It is understood that candidate Denis Mbidde petitioned court demanding that the election exercise be suspended until further notice due to purported malpractices.

A statement from the Chairman Robert Kiggundu read.

In accordance with a court order issued on 27th August 2021 , I there communicate as follows.

1. The security gates to the polling centre at Speke Hotel have been
immediately closed and voting on site immediately suspended.

2. Since this development was not planned, I have not yet figured out how
to suspend elections online and that may take some time, as my IT team
works out how to stop the election before the time that was initially designated in the system.

I regret any inconveniences caused.”

However, online voting had been effected by yesterday 27th August 2021 and running until now, the Chairman has confirmed that it hasn’t been stopped by the IT staff are working towards stopping it.

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