BOXING : African Confederation Boxing Championships postponed

By: Nacho Black Armo

African Confederation Boxing Championships that was scheduled for 27th May 2017 in Congo Brazzaville has been postponed to June 17th.

The decision was taken by AFBC to ensure the standards of this tournament meet world class standards. The championships will also serve as one of the 5 routes to qualifying for this year’s AIBA World Championships in Hamburg Germany.

To some participants ,this is an advantage for more and proper preparations, however, for our own Bombers its a blow, seeing they have been struggling with funds, the rescheduling of this tournament is yet to cause a lot of damage.

On receiving the news the Boxers themselves felt demoralized and psychologically broken for they have been preparing for this exhibition for over a month.

Already we have been struggling with funds to maintain the camp, now the postponement means we have to look for more sources”

Fred Kavuma the Uganda Boxing Federation Spokesman said.


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