Bombers, Paralympic team hailed on return from Dakar and Morocco


National Council of Sports General Secretary Bernard Ogwel hosted the Bombers team and the Uganda Paralympic on Tuesday at Copper Chimney.

Ogwel hailed both teams for their tremendous performances in Dakar and Morocco respectively.

“I thank our athletes who represented us, they did not participate but completed. I also thank the coaches for both the Bombers and Paralympic team for the working tirelessly so as to help our athletes.”

Ogwel however hinted that the government will only cater for the Boxers who excelled in Dakar but didn’t qualify for the Olympic games for a second qualifier in France

“The Government will emphasize on value for money. We are after quality not quantity, so the best performers in Dakar will have another chance in France.”

The event was attended by the Uganda Boxing President Moses Muhangi and the Uganda Paralympic President Hajji Mpindi Bumaali.

The second Boxing Olympic qualifier is slated for May in France where each category will have five boxers prevail to Tokyo.

The Paralympic team that traveled to Morocco won 3 gold medals, 3 silver and 4 bronze medals and three athletes qualified for the Paralympic games.

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